Diamond Pastes



Diamond pastes are used for finishing and polishing of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, nonmetallic materials.

Paste made of synthetic diamond ACH micropowders grit size 40/28 with normal mass content in the paste, washable by water, lubricated, type X, would be marked as follows: АСН 40/28 ХВМ Х.

Diamond pastes treat the processed surface chemically and mechanically. They produce fine-dispersion emulsions that allow for a smoother distribution of diamonds over the working space. The paste contains active surface agents, which make washing of the workpieces easier and help to remove flammable liquids, chips and slag generated on the surface during processing. It increases productivity due to higher abrasive properties and improves quality of the surface being processed.

Diamond pastes are produced with normal (N), higher (H) and extra-high concentration (E), depending on the mass content of diamonds in the paste for each grit size.

Mass content of diamond powder in diamond pastes

Diamond cut N H E
125/100-80/63 40 60 -
63/50, 50/40 20 40 -
60/40, 40/28 8 20 40
28/20, 14/10 6 15 30
10/7, 5/3 4 10 20
1/0,5-0,1/0 2 5 10

TU 2-037-407-83.

Used for finishing and polishing of precious stones, optical and metallo-optical goods, ceramics, semiconducting materials, precise technical stones with increased demands to quality of the treated surface.
Pastes are made of diamond precision АСН-В and АСМ-В micropowders with grit size from 60/40 to 1/0. According to washing-off, the pastes can be made: W – can be washed off by water; O - washed off by organic solvents; WO - washed off by water and organic solvents. According to consistency, the pastes are made: L – lubricated; S – solid. Depending on mass diamond content, the pastes are produced with: (N) – normal, (H) – higher, (E) - extra-high concentration.

Example of paste marking for order: diamond paste АСМ-В 5/3 ПОМ.

ТУ 2-037-273-80.

Used for finishing and polishing of aviation equipment parts, precision bearings, locking and braking equipment and units of pneumatic drives (valves, vents, hydrocyclones), fuel equipment (pump elements, valves), tooling arrangement, as well as rough finish of large parts and units.

Pastes are produced with the following grit size: microgrits 630/500-50/40; micropowders 60/40-1/0, with normal (N) and higher (H) concentration, according to consistency: lubricated (L) and solid (S).

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