Diamond Tools


LLC “Technocom UV” approved distributor of CJSC “Poltava Diamond Tools”
We are in the diamond age already

For more than 100 years the diamonds are not only “a Girl’s Best Friend”, but a friend of all who process hard, brittle, viscous and other materials with peculiar characteristics. It’s much easier and handier to process glass, rubber, stone, plastics, hard alloy, semiconductors, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, etc. with a diamond tool. You won’t find a field, where diamonds are not used.

Diamond tool application

  • Processing of workpieces and grinding of carbide cutting tools of all types;
  • Grinding and lapping of superhard tools;
  • Cutting and processing of silicon, germanium and other semiconducting materials;
  • Cutting, processing and finishing of products made of ferrite, glassceramics and ceramics;
  • Processing of graphite and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics;
  • Cutting and processing of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, fiberglass;
  • Cutting and polishing of precious stones;
  • Cutting, finishing and polishing of natural and artificial stones;
  • Cutting and processing of all types of refractory materials.

Comparing to conventional abrasives, diamond tool provides:

  • Improvement of processing accuracy of the tool and workpieces;
  • Tool-life gain after diamond grinding by 1,2-2,5 times;
  • Increase in labour productivity up to 50 %;
  • Cutting processing costs by 1,5-2,0 times.

LLC “Technocom” offers:

- Diamond hones GOST 25594
- Diamond grinding wheels
- Diamond grinding wheels for processing glass edge
- Wheels for processing of ophthalmic lenses
- Diamond grinding points
- Single-point diamond dresser
- Diamond files
- Diamond drills
- Cutters and cutting inserts equipped with Hexanit-R insert
- Drawing tool of Polycrystalline CKM and CВА 15 BU
- Diamond grinding pastes

CJSC “Poltava Diamond Tools”

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